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Chris, I like your landscape photos a lot. You are very generous to share how you process the photos.
Carol Dickinson
Chris: Want to invite you to California. I live "at" Laguna Beach, just inland, and we should be able to find room for you somehow. Then I can't wait until you eventually travel to Greece and Italy and all of the Mediterranean ancient sites as well as present day. We actually found one of the two-week cruises there to be the very best introduction to some of the area. I do try to take photos - not as well as you - and love particularly your landscapes, water scenes and sunsets. My "art" has been trompe l'oiel murals for 10 years,
now retired. God bless. Carol
Really loved the pictures you've put. The colour ,the beauty that you have captured in each of the pictures is tremendous.
These are magnificent, truly inspiring photos. Please continue to add more to your portfolio here! Words cannot describe the beauty you capture here.
These are Absolutely Awesome Photos and Great Comments! Keep up the Outstanding Work!
Joanne McKenna(non-registered)
These are beautiful! Very inspiring!
Kim Reeder(non-registered)
Now this is what I call photography..great eye!!
Beautiful photography! Can you do baby portraits?
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